Blood donation project

Call for Life (Donate blood & save Life)

Call for life

Call for life is a Health & Blood Donation project of Desh Foundation. The strategy for effective implementation of the policy is divided into the following two sectors:

1. To create a volunteer group for providing assistance to villagers for blood donors in case of medical emergencies.

2. To carry out various informative sessions and blood grouping campaigns in order to raise awareness on various health issues.

Background of Blood donation project

In Bangladesh, one of the 71 countries facing shortage of blood supply.In 2010 we also observed that safe blood is  another big problem in our country because a large number of illegal blood banks have been  established over the Bangladesh and they are selling unsafe blood. The main sources of blood are the illegal blood banks and the risk of infectious diseases increases if the blood is not properly screened. According to sources, every blood bank has some professional blood donors, mostly drug addicts. They sell their blood for money to buy drugs. The Professional donors sell their blood several times a month. As a result spread of various germs and diseases like aids malaria, syphilis, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B, C, AIDS  and others malicious diseases is likely. In addition their blood lacks essential elements of haemoglobin. To solve this problem we created a volunteer blood donation program in Bangladesh .This time it appear that the communication gap between the blood donors and recipients remains a major problem though there are plenty of willing donors. At the same time, it  also appears that Bangladesh is a country where people widely use Facebook. According to last year’s data of Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, there were 29 million Facebook users in Bangladesh. So Facebook is the best way to break the communication gap between blood donor & recipient .In 2010, we started posts in Facebook to find blood donor to save life .People are coming together to help each other. Now we can easily get connected to donor & recipient without any cost .To inspire blood donation we also post blood donation picture .As a result lots of young generation motivated to donate safe blood without any cost.

Why we need to donate Blood?

Every day, thousands of people undergoing major surgeries need blood transfusion. Many people suffering from various conditions like hemophilia (genetic disease that impair the body’s ability to control blood clotting), dengue, severe anemia, blood cancer, thalassemia need blood transfusion.

On an average, 3 to 3.5 lakh bags of blood are needed in our country every year. There is always strict advice to transfuse safe blood. But from where these amount of blood will come? Blood is not produced in a factory and yet there is no alternative source for blood. The only source of blood is human body.

How is our work making a difference in the society?

Our active volunteer team working over the Bangladesh to create blood donor & providing blood donor .  Now a days Patients are getting blood donor easily with just a phone call or visit our website.

Just Call >>> 01639 717171 (Call for Life call center) or find donor in our website >

How we manage voluntary blood  donors

Desh Foundation has already created a voluntary blood donation group under Project name called “Call for life- 01639717171.” After the initiation of the project, we are able to manage 10-15 bags of blood every day. We should remember that this organization or institution do not manufacture blood. We are only the media to collect blood from healthy voluntary donors to provide it to the needy people.

Here the question comes — who can donate blood?

Any person within the age group of 18-60 years with a body weight as minimum 45 kg for female and 48 kg for male and having a general well-health is an eligible blood donor. Healthy means that you feel well and can perform normal activities; your blood pressure, pulse, body temperature are normal; and you are free from any blood boarn diseases such as malaria, syphilis, gonorrhoea, hepatitis B, C, AIDS, hemophilia etc.

You may have chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure; but in these cases, healthy means — you are being treated and the condition is under control. Such healthy people can donate one bag (350-450 ml) blood safely every 4 months.

What to do after donating blood?


After donating blood, the donor should take rest for 15-20 minutes. Routine work is absolutely fine after the initial rest. Rigorous physical work should be avoided for few hours. After resting for a while a donor should be given some liquid (fluid) to drink, such as water, ORS, milk or fruit juice. The donor needs no special diet other than a routine balanced diet. The body replaces blood volume or plasma within 24 hours.

Problems in finding a suitable donor

It is very unfortunate that voluntary blood donation is still not so popular in our country. This is due to the lack of proper awareness, social movement, irrational fear and superstitions about donating blood. Some organisations are working in this field but still the number of voluntary blood donor is not keeping pace with the yearly requirement of blood.

According to Sandhani, Dhaka Medical College Unit, it was seen that 62 percent of the population were unaware of the blood-transmitted diseases, 53 percent of people did not even know what their blood group was; 66 percent admitted that their knowledge about blood donation was not sufficient.

To resolve this problem we carry out various informative sessions and blood grouping campaigns in order to raise awareness on various health issues.