Education For Better Society

Education For Better Society

To ensure quality education for all, DESH Foundation intends to provide scholarship and financial assistance for books and ancillaries to poor meritorious students who do not afford to continue school or university due to lack of funds. To contribute to education for all, schools in various remote areas of Bangladesh will be run by DESH Foundation in various unions as required. Desh foundation also want to run a library in various remote areas of Bangladesh thus allowing access of its members to books and information

School bags distribution project of Desh Foundation.

New school Dresses Assistance project

The pictures taken during the Mirpur Slum Project, a project undertaken jointly by Desh foundation - দেশ ফাউন্ডেশন and GROW Foundation after a fire in the middle of the night devastated 200 residents in April . We were able to provide dresses to students of fire slum victim.

Books Assistance project.