Medical & Health care

Medical & Health Care Project

Desh Foundation wants To ensure proper treatment of disadvantaged people from ultra-poor backgrounds located in remote parts of Bangladesh. So our Medical team Engages in various medical camps and campaigns for providing treatment either directly or by using teleconferencing methods.

Our Respectable Dr. Sadat Safi has been giving treatment during the Free Medical Campaign.
Our Medical Team Leader Dr.Mamatazul Hasan has been giving treatment during the Free Medical Campaign at Gazipur
Our Respectable Dr. Shiju Shikder has been giving treatment during the Free Medical Campaign at Gazipur
Our Respectable Dr. Misbah Uddin has been giving treatment using teleconferencing methods.

Tele Medicine Project

There are a lot of patients living the remote areas of Bangladesh who have no access to any kind of health care. Due to shortage of doctors, many people are deprived of one of the most primary needs, that is health care. Moreover, people living in these places have hardly been outside their villages due to poverty and difficulty in commuting to nearby hospitals and community clinics. There are many who have never seen a real doctor and have been receiving treatment from unqualified village doctors or quacks.

In the age of technology, telemedicine is developing really fast. With advances in the speed of internet and the accessibility of internet to most of the people of Bangladesh, it is becoming a very hot topic and an easy and affordable way to provide treatment facilities to these people. In order to facilitate the process, we developed this project called call for life where we have set out with the objective of ensuring primary medical treatment and medicine for children, women and men. We have organized a vast array of specialized doctors who will be assisting us by providing their expert advice from our office in Dhaka.


  • To ensure proper treatment of disadvantaged people from ultra poor backgrounds located in remote parts of Bangladesh
  • To make use of information technology to provide access to basic healthcare as well as specialized treatment from renowned doctors residing in Dhaka
  • To reduce the overall health care cost of the poor people
  • To create awareness on important medical issues


Who to Serve

  • Women
  • Children
  • Patients requiring primary treatment

Location and Frequency of the Project

  • Remote parts of Bangladesh
  • At least twice a month
  • All Day Campaign
Our Respectable Dr. Sohel Prodhan has been giving treatment using teleconferencing methods.


  1. Identify a particular village or a remote area whose patients have no access to health care.
  2. Volunteers will carry out a survey of the families in order to collect medical information of patients within the target area.
  3. The identified patients will be categorized according to their diseases and they will be provided tokens with a specific number and date for the session with the doctor.
  4. The information on basic symptoms will be collected by the volunteers by filling up questionnaires. The filled up questionnaires are then categorized and sent out by email to the doctors.
  5. On a date earlier decided in consultation with the specialized doctor the patients fitting a particular criteria are requested to come to a particular premise.
  6. Primary information will then be collected by a medical officer located in the remote area and the medical doctor will then consult with the specialized doctor via video conferencing technology like skype.
  7. The doctor will have the opportunity to communicate with the patient before making his decision on the treatment.
  8. The specialized doctor will then send out an email with the details of the treatment / medication for the patient.
  9. Basic medicine like vitamins will be covered under this project. In case of extremely poor patients, the organization will assist the beneficiary with free medicine as well.
  10. The patient will be asked to come for a further consultation if the doctor finds it necessary.
Our Respectable Dr. Sohag Uddin has been giving treatment using teleconferencing methods.

Impact of the Project

We believe that successful execution of this project will be able to provide affordable healthcare to those living in the remotest parts of Bangladesh. People who are not even aware of their medical problems will be able to find out the cause of uneasiness.  This project will help increase the life span of the people of Bangladesh since they will be aware of their problems and they will be able to decide if they need further specialized treatment. For example, patient who shows cardiac symptoms might be asked to visit a cardiologist for further consultation. In many cases such patients are not aware of serious cardiac problems and upon examination if it reveals that he needs a major operation he will be able to save his life.  We can also assure that every patient gets access to treatment.

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